Welcome to Dayton Backpacker Campfire!


Bring your family and friends to Dayton's original Backpacker Campfire, featuring adventure, nature and travel programs. Our programs are free and open to the public. All ages are welcome. All programs are on Friday evening at 7:00pm and last about an hour. Coffee, tea and hot drinks served. Come join us! View/download our printable flyer.

Our 37th Season! Dayton Backpacker Campfire was started by Deck Hunter in 1979.

Backpacker Campfire Coordinator Needed!

The Dayton Backpacker Campfire is in need of a new coordinator to carry the torch. The "campfire" is a series of outdoor/travel related slide shows that run once per month from September or October to April or May. They are usually on the 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month and begin at 7 p.m.

The coordinator has the following duties:

• Send out the annual “call for presenters” (email) in July or August and recruit presenters

• Identify a place to meet and make arrangements.

• Schedule the presenters and assemble the 1-page annual schedule / flyer. This needs to be coordinated with the POC at the meeting location (make sure room is available on those dates)

• Publish the schedule in August or September: email is the main format; about 10-15 people still require a hard copy to be mailed; also coordinate the information with the web master

• Maintain the email list, and send out a notice for each presentation about 5-6 days ahead of time

On the night of the event:

• Arrive about 1 hour early and set up the facility (unless this is already taken care of by the meeting facility staff). This include refreshments (hot water available, coffee, tea, cocoa).

• Make sure projector is working and the speaker’s presentation is compatible.

• Make sure any audio equipment (if needed) is working, for example microphone

• Pass the basket for quarter donations if needed (covers annual web site fee, refreshments, and room fee if any).

• Introduce the speaker. Make sure lights are turned down.

• Sit near the back and make sure any late-comers are seated safely.

• Turn up lights at the end, moderate questions, thank the speaker, and announce the next month’s topic

• Help clean up (if required by the facility)

The biggest challenge is locating a meeting space that meets the following constraints: capacity for up to 50-75 people (although usually our attendance is 20-40 people), available on Friday nights once per month and can be reserved in the previous August or September, has a convenient location around Dayton area, has a screen (and hopefully projector or you have to borrow), and is affordable or free.

For more information, contact Don Klosterman at dklosterman1@udayton.edu .